Autogreen Passenger & Light Truck Tire Standard Limited Warranty

Best Choice International Trade Co., LTD., headquartered at 3rd Floor, North Anhua Building, No. 8 Yinghua West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100029 (“Best Choice”), warrants either directly or through an authorized 

Autogreen dealer to the original consumer purchaser that all Autogreen passenger and light truck tires , which are mounted on passenger cars or light trucks within the United States and Canada are covered by this warranty against certain

defects in workmanship and materials, and premature tread wear subject to the terms, conditions and limitations

as stated below. This warranty is not transferable.
Under no circumstances is this limited warranty a representation that a tire failure cannot occur. This limited warranty is only applicable to Autogreen products sold in and used on consumer vehicles registered and operated in the United States and Canada.
The “date of purchase” used here refers to the date on your purchase receipt. If you cannot find your purchase receipt, the date of production will be used instead.
The “life of the original usable tread” refers to the life span of a tire that has worn evenly down to the tread wear bars/indicators in the tread grooves (worn to 2/32’’ or 0.16 cm of tread remaining).
1.1 Limited Warranty for Workmanship and Materials
If our examination of a warrantable product determines that the product has failed due to certain defect
in materials or workmanship, we will replace the product, or make a reasonable allowance toward the
purchase of a new product at current prices, or make other adjustments, subject to the following terms
and conditions:
                     A. For passenger Tires, if there is a defect in workmanship or materials during the life of the original usable tread or four (4) years from date of production , whichever comes first, your tire may be replaced on a pro rata basis under this warranty. After four (4) years or the wear of the original usable tread, whichever occurs first, all warranties, expressed or implied, expire.
                     B. For Light Truck Tires (LT designation), if there is a defect in workmanship or materials during the life of the original usable tread or four (4) years from the date of production, or three (3) years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first, your tire may be replaced on a pro rata basis under this warranty. After four (4) years from the date of production or three (3) years from the date of purchase or the wear of the original usable tread, whichever occurs first, all warranties, expressed or implied, expire.
                     C. If a warranted defect is discovered during the first 2/32” tread wear of the original usable tread and it is within 12 months of the date of purchase, Best Choice will replace such tire with a comparable new Autogreen tire free of charge. Applicable taxes on the new tire and costs for mounting and balancing and any other service charges are payable by the consumer owner.
                     D. If a warranted defect is discovered after the first 2/32” tread wear of the original usable tread or it has been more than 12 months from the date of purchase, a pro rata credit will be given toward the purchase of a comparable new Autogreen tire. Applicable taxes, costs of mounting and balancing and other service charges are payable by the consumer owner.
Amount of credit will be calculated by the following formula: Credit = (Remaining Tread Depth ÷ Original Usable Tread Depth ) × Purchase Price. For example, a new Autogreen tire that has an original usable tread depth of 11 was purchased for the price of $75 dollars and the remaining tread depth is 7 when the warranty claim is filed. The consumer owner will receive the following credit:
CR = Remaining Tread Depth = 7 = 56% x $75.00= $42 Credit **
Original Usable Tread Depth 11
** refer to Adjustment Credit Percentage Table to obtain actual percentage amount when
calculating formula.
                     E. Adjustment on out-of-round or out-of-balance conditions is allowed only during the first 1/32’’ of the original tread depth within the first 6 months from the date of purchase , supported with proof of the out-of-round or out-of-balance conditions for every passenger or light truck tire.
Best Choice will replace such tire with a comparable new Autogreen tire free of charge.
Applicable taxes on the new tire and costs for mounting and balancing and any other service charges are payable by the consumer owner. A set of 4 tires from the same vehicle will not be accepted for out-of-round or out-of-balance claims.
1.2 Limited Warranty for Tread Wear Warranty (For Selected Patterns ONLY)

Best Choice will offer a limited mileage tread wear warranty for the SC2 and SC6 to the original consumer owner. If one of these tires does not reach the warranty mileage and the original consumer owner has complied with the terms and conditions of the limited tread wear warranty,
Best Choice will replace the tire as follows:
                     A. If the tread does not reach the warranted miles of normal consumer passenger use within four (4) year from date of purchase, Best Choice will make an allowance for the unused service towards a comparable new Autogreen tire, pro-rated on warranted miles.
                     B. The replacement allowance will be calculated by percentage of the warranted miles not received multiplied by the predetermined price of the tire at the time and place of the adjustment. Applicable taxes, costs of mounting and balancing and any other service charges are payable by the owner.
                     C. To make a claim, the original owner must present the original customer copy of the Aotogreen Mileage Card which records the date of purchase, name of purchaser, original mileage and identification of the vehicle to the Autogreen dealer from whom you bought tires.
                     D. The owner must rotate the tires every 6000 miles. Failure to rotate your tires as recommended by Best Choice voids the Limited Tread Wear Warranty.
                     E. The following are exclusions to the Limited Tread Wear Warranty:
                                          i.  Tires branded N.A. or Blemished, etc.
                                          ii.  Tires exhibiting uneven or rapid wear which is caused by mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as misalignment (a measured tread difference of 2/32” or more across the tread on the same tire).
                                          iii.  Tires worn out or damaged due to: improper inflation, improper mounting, uneven wear, overloading conditions, run flat, racing, alteration, accident, fire, chemicals used for RV or commercial vehicle, vandalism, gross abuse, defective mechanical condition of the vehicle, road hazard damage (puncture, cut, impact brake etc., lack of tire rotation or previous tire repair.
                                          iv.  Tires used in commercial applications.
                     A. Tire adjustments will be based on the remaining tread depth. Tires worn to 2/32” tread depth or to the tread wear indicator bars are deemed to have served their full useful tread life and are not adjustable.
                     B. Tires returned for out-of-round or ride disturbance conditions beyond 2/32” of wear will not be considered for adjustment.
                     C. Tires marked “NA” (nonadjustable) are specifically excluded from this limited warranty.
                     D. The cost applicable to taxes, mounting, balancing and any other service charges are excluded.
                     E. Tires returned as a set will not be considered. All tires must have a warrantable condition.
                     F. Tires that have been altered in any way including retreaded, altered and repaired improperly to Rubber Manufacturers Association standards or with section repairs or with self-valancing plug are excluded from the limited warranty.
                     G. Tires without DOT number are excluded from the limited warranty.
                     H. Tires with tire fill, sealant, balancing materials, fillers inside the tire, tires notched, buffed, regrooved, cut or otherwise altered are excluded from the limited warranty.
                     I.  Ozone or weather cracking after 2 years from the date of purchase.
                     J. Tire production dates show the tire is out of warranty period..
                     K. Loss of time, or use, inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential damages.
                     L. Tires that have been misapplied due to insufficient speed rating, or undersized, or oversized tires.
                     M. Tires that have become unserviceable due to chemical corrosion, vandalism, chains and flat spotting.
                     N. Tires involved in race activities.
                     O. Uneven wear characteristics caused by mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as misalignment, over inflation and underinflation.
                     P. Uneven or rapid wear more than 2/32nds across the tread on the same tire.
                     Q. Tire damage or irregular wear due to road hazard, including punctures, cuts, impact break, bulge, snag, stone drill and car collision.
                     R. Continued use while run flat or acute underinflation.
                     S. Improper use of operation, without limitation, improper inflation, overloading, use of improper rim, tire/wheel balance, worn suspension components, improper mounting or dismounting, misuse, misapplication, fire.
3.  How can you get warranty service?
                     A. Present the applicable tire to the Autogreen dealer from whom you bought tires.
                     B. Complete and sign an Autogreen adjustment claim form.
                     C. Pay the amounts due for a new tire, less the amount of the credit, including taxes, mounting, balancing, valve stem if needed and any other service that you might require.
                     D. Tires presented for claim remain the property of the consumer, and Best Choice is not responsible for loss of or damage to tires which are in the custody of control of an Autogreen tire retailer for the purpose of inspection for warranty claims. In the event of a disputed claim, the consumer owner must make the tire available for further inspection. Tires accepted for claim become the property of Best Choice.
4.  Other Limitations
This is the only expressed warranty given by Best Choice applicable to Autogreen replacement tires. Best Choice does not make any other express warranty.
Best Choice does not authorize any other persons, including authorized dealers, to change this warranty or create any other obligation in connection with Autogreen products. These limited warranties apply only in the United States and Canada. Best Choice will not do anything other than what is stated in this warranty if a defect is found to exist in an Autogreen tire. All other remedies are excluded, including any obligation or liability on the part of Best Choice for consequential or incidental damages (such as loss of use of car, loss of time or inconvenience) arising out of defect.
5.  Dispute Resolution Concerning This Warranty
PREDECESSORS, SUCCESSORS OR ASSIGNS (HEREINAFTER COLLECTIVELY “BEST CHOICE GROUP”) SHALL BE SUBJECT TO BINDING ARBITRATION. You and BEST CHOICE Group acknowledge your and its right to litigate claims, disputes and controversies arising out of or in connection with this limited warranty or the marketing, sale or performance of the purchased product in court, but prefer to resolve any such
claims, disputes and controversies through arbitration and hereby waive the right to litigate such claims, disputes and controversies in court upon election of arbitration by either party. Therefore, you and BEST CHOICE Group agree that all claims, disputes, and controversies between you and BEST CHOICE Group arising out of or in connection with this limited warranty, or any other warranties, express or implied, including a failure of warranty, or any claims arising out of or in connection with the marketing, sale or
performance of the purchased product, including but not limited to claims for consumer fraud or brought under any consumer protection statute, but excluding claims for personal injury or property damage, shall be finally resolved solely by arbitration, upon election by either party, according to the formal dispute resolution procedures then in effect of the American Arbitration Association, or such other private arbitration service as you and BEST CHOICE Group shall mutually agree (the actual authority involved, the “Arbitral Body”). The Arbitral Body shall decide the issues submitted in accordance herewith, provided that all substantive questions of law will be determined under the laws
of the State in which you purchased the product at issue. You agree that no claim subject to arbitration shall be arbitrated as a class action, or on a class-wide or representative basis, or on behalf of the general public, or on behalf of other persons that may be similarly situated. You agree that you do not have the right to act as a private attorney general, a class representative, or to participate as a member of a class of claimants with any claim subject to arbitration. You further agree that no claim subject to arbitration shall be heard by a jury and that any judgment or award of the Arbitral Body will be final and
not subject to judicial review. All arbitrations will be conducted as document hearings. Each party shall bear its own costs arising from and associated with the document hearing with the exception of the arbitrator’s fee which will be borne by all parties in equal shares. If either party requests any procedures beyond a document hearing, the requesting party will be responsible for all fees, including filing and administrative fees, above and beyond the fees required for document hearings. Any award of the arbitrator(s) may be entered as a judgment and shall be enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction. The arbitrators will have no authority to award punitive or other damages not measured by
the prevailing party’s actual damages, except as may be required by statute. Information about arbitration may be obtained and claims may be filed at any office of the American Arbitration Association or at its Corporate Headquarters, 1633 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, New York 10019. Telephone: 212-716-5800, Fax: 212-716-5905, Website:
6.  Legal Rights
All implied warranties, included any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to the duration of this written limited warranty. All obligations or liabilities for indirect, incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law, including economic loss, loss of profit, loss of vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, personal injury or death. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not
apply. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This is the only express warranty applicable to items sold by Best Choice International Trade Co., LTD, and supersedes the terms of any previous warranty. Best Choice International Trade Co., LTD neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other warranty.
Best Choice International Trade Co., LTD