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10 Helpful Ways to Sell in the Tyre Industry

If you are in the tyre industry, or you have a tyre store, or you are a sales manager of a tyre store; as long as you work in the tyre industry, loading tyres from shelves to users' cars is your daily job.

Of course customers buy tyres for a variety of reasons, but if there is a way to sell tyres, you can sell more tyres than ever before. Professional sales people in the tyre industry have collected the following suggestions to help you and your sales team!

1. Increase the number of people entering the tyre shop

The tyre store thinks that the way to get more revenue is to sell more tyres. In fact, increasing traffic is the first step for a tyre store to complete a sale. Make appointments by phone with customers and tell them they can offer simple free services like tyre pressure checks.

Your team is experienced in sales, so when a sufficient number of people enter the tyre shop, you will be able to successfully convert into final consumer customers. (kind reminder, do not force sales or it will be counterproductive)

2. I sell tyres

There seems to be no doubt about it, making sure anyone, even passersby, can see the tyres in the store. Give yourself and your shop a giant badge "We sell tyres" so they can quickly think of your shop when they need it, a simple suggestion that works!

3. Regular discounts and promotions for tyres

Consumers are more inclined to buy two or four tyres. On the billboard, an additional package of discounts or discounts for the purchase of four tyres is introduced for consumers to choose from.

You can also cooperate with other auto retail organizations to promote your auto tires, as long as there is exposure and customers choose your tyre products in the competition.

4. Insist on contacting tyre customers

Many sales staff communicate with customers on the phone, and if the other party has a problem during the communication process, they give up directly. This approach is not advisable. The top two reasons customers choose to buy tyres are price and practicality.

Therefore, to give customers a wide range of choices, and to tell customers that they can provide tyre products that meet their budget, customers are likely to come to the door to see the product and sign the contract.

5. Get your tyre business online

Now that society has entered a digital field, online sales have also become a trend in the tyre industry. So if you make your tyre business an online store, it's not bad, you can do some promotion and dissemination on your own social platform.

Give away some free services online to get loyal tyre customers to leave comments. Do not spend too much time and money, only to achieve the effect of dissemination, it is also good to conduct business properly on the Internet.

6. Provide tyre safety inspection services

This is a powerful draw for customers who might not be in the store. Not only provide services in various time periods but also provide customers with safety inspections when customers are not sure whether to change tyres. Many customers have repeatedly delayed buying tyres because they want to continue to use them. If the tyres are indeed unable to provide new tyres to customers to complete the sale.

7. Stimulate your tyre salespeople

Make an incentive plan for the sales staff in your store, such as how many tyres are sold, and what kind of rewards are there for developing new users; tell customers that good tyres are a kind of safety guarantee instead of just pursuing the price advantage of tyres.

Reward not only salespeople, but loyal top customers, to excite your sales force and leave your competitors far behind.

8. Your tyre shop is different

Customers can buy tyres at any tyre store, but if you provide customers with memorable and attractive sales while maintaining product quality and price stability.

Plan some events and increase customer engagement to make your tyre shop exciting. Plan activities to increase exposure and publicity to make your tyre shop more famous and establish a good brand partnership with the company.

9. Track tyre customers

Train your salespeople to collect customer contact information, even if they don't end up spending at your store. Encourage sales to contact customers even if the customer does not consume, at least you always have resources that you can use, and rich resources are hidden sales opportunities.

10. Provide financing options for tyre customers

Sounds like a big plan, but anyone knows the importance of good tyres. But good tyres represent a premium price, and what about those who can't afford it?

You can partner with another company to guarantee your sales and offer customers a lease or settle an installment plan. Setting up this kind of program won't cost you money and will help tyre customers a lot of the time.

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