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All Season Tires and All Weather Tires

Every year after it snows and the road freezes, some tires will skid on the road, and then the owner will immediately go to the tire shop to change the tires. Most people will ask the shop assistant whether to choose all season tyres or winter tires, because choosing winter tires involves the problem of storing and replacing tires.

Some shop assistants will recommend car owners to choose all weather tires, otherwise they have to choose two sets of tires, summer tires and winter tires, which not only doubles the price, but also involves the trouble of repeated replacement. But what are all weather tires? Is it the same thing with all season tyres?

All season v all weather tires

all season tyres, as the name suggests, are tires that can be used in all seasons. Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, it can easily adapt to any climate.

All weather tires are tires suitable for all weather.

For many years, all season tyres have been the first choice recommended by dealers to customers, which can meet the different needs of customers. But if dealers are selling tires in snowy areas, or if customers drive a lot on icy roads, all weather tires are the best choice.

Although the all season tyre can be used in a variety of temperatures and conditions, it is designed to prioritize performance such as wear and ride comfort over performance related to snow and ice. The all weather tires have passed the Tri-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification and have better snow performance than all season tyres.

Tire manufacturers design all weather tires, because all weather tires not only focus on control ability and wet road holding, but also have the performance of winter tires, so as to better serve consumers who drive year-round.

all season tyres and all weather tires are also different in design. In order to qualify for the Tri-Peak Mountain Snowflake Logo, all weather tires need to have higher sipes and a more complete tread design than all season tyres.

The tread and sizing material of all season tyres give rise to a better drainage and stiffer tread blocks, which enable the driving in dry and wet conditions. All weather tire has better snow and wet traction than all season tyre thanks to its material and tread design, while making some trade-offs in terms of performance in dry weather and wear life.

All weather tires are for drivers who live in winter but want to use a set of tires year-round. While all weather tires can be seen as an upgrade to all season tyres, don't make the mistake of thinking that all weather tires have the same characteristics as winter tires.

If you live in an area with perennial snow, it's best to replace two sets of tires each year, in which case winter tires will perform better.

How do a dealer know if a customer wants all weather tires? This requires the dealer to think carefully about the customer base. The main customers of all weather tires are those who live in areas with little snowfall.

All weather tires are also the best choice for those who want to travel to cities with a lot of snow, or who don't want to switch between winter and non-winter tires, but still want to experience four seasons.

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