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Comparison of Winter Tires and Summer Tires

1. Comparison of winter tires and summer tires

Summer tires are characterized by flatness, which ensures the best grip. After all, rubber is the only thing that comes into direct contact with the surface. Summer tires have low noise and can maintain good driving characteristics even on wet roads. The most important thing is that summer tires are very resistant to high temperatures. Asphalt roads can be as high as tens of degrees Celsius in summer, which means that the rubber may melt. The high temperature protection of summer tires means sacrificing frost resistance. Low temperatures can cause summer tires to thicken and lose their good grip, making it easier to skid and lose control of the vehicle.

The winter tires for cars are made of soft rubber and will not harden due to low temperatures. This material is rich in various types of additives to ensure flexibility. The winter tire pattern can ensure that it has a good grip in extreme weather, but it also greatly affects energy efficiency. Nevertheless, consumers should consider the safety of themselves or other road users more carefully and choose tires carefully.

2. When will the winter tires for cars be replaced?

The timely replacement of tires is related to safety issues. People are attaching greater importance to tires, and there are more and more professional tyre manufacturers. Therefore, you cannot delay buying new tires until the last minute. On the other hand, changing tires prematurely may result in a reduction in the service life of some parts. This is what all drivers worry about the most. After all, tires are not cheap car parts, and tire wear requires additional costs.

Try not to use car winter tires at too high a temperature, which will affect the quality of the tires. Although this damage is very small and difficult to detect, it will not significantly reduce the life of the tire.

3. When is the time to use winter tires for cars?

The outside temperature is the most important. It is recommended to replace winter tires when the average daily temperature no longer exceeds 7°C. Of course, we must also take into account the variability of the weather, sometimes it is 5℃ the day before, and it will exceed 10℃ the next day. Therefore, many people will wait for the weather to stabilize. In fact, it is more reasonable to replace the tires on the day when the temperature drops for the first time. After all, the first frost will soon appear next.

It should be emphasized that it is not recommended to wait until the first snow or frost to replace winter tires. That would be too late. Changing car winter tires too late may not only cause potential hazards, but summer tires will also be damaged. As long as you pay close attention to the weather forecast, it is enough to be prepared in advance for tire replacement.

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