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  • Q1, What is the difference between winter and all-season tyres?

    Friction is the key to good traction, weather is one of the most important factor to traction. Winter tyres are required to stay soft and pliable at low temperature, while all-season tyres are designed to help to provide traction in wet and snowy conditions. For regions like Scadnavia, which there is heavy snow and icey inwinter, winter tyres are needed, for regions like central Europe, while the snow is not big and the road is always wet, all-season tyres will be very useful. To chooseall-season tyres, drivers do not have to change tyres for the whole year, in general, all-season tyres will be quieter and more confortable to be used in summer season.

  • Q2, What is the MOQ?

    The minimum order quantity is 1x20 feet container. Our client can mix different sizes from one factory. For one size, our client can order any pcs they want. In order to offer better delivery service, we suggest our client not to order more than 30 sizes in 1 container.

  • Q3, How to become an agent?

    When our client and us know each other well enough, we can discuss about the exclusivity. We will give our client a certain time, during this time we will not offer or sell tyres to a third party in certain area, if the order quantitymacthes the agreement agreed by 2 parties, we will sign the annually exclusively contract, we will not offer or sell tyres to others in the agreed area, and our client need to order certain volume as agrred.

  • Q4, What is RunFlat tyre?

    When ordinary tyres been punctured by foreign objects, it leaks quickly, and then the sidewall collapses, and the bead breaks away from the rim. In some cases, it can not continue to drive, in others, it will cause the vehicle to overturn. To avoid these kind of dangerour situations, RunFlat tyres been invented. With stronger sidewall and special technology, Autogreen RunFlat tyres can allow driver to last at least 80 kilometers at the speed 80km/h during the punctured situation, RunFlat tyre is a safer choice during this kind of situation.

  • Q5, What kind of drivers need the All-Terrain tyres?

    For drivers who frequently switches between irregular terrain and the regular road, they will need the All-Terrain tyres, a pick-up truck or SUV commuting from city to country roads are better fitted with All-Terrain tyres. The patterns of All-Terrain tyres are normally designed to provide the durability to conquer dirt, gravel, and grass, while also offering a quieter, more comfortable ride on paved roads. With aggressive and attractive pattern, heavier carcass, strong sidewall and rim protector, Autogreen All-Terrain tyre is the best choice for drivers.

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Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029