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FAQs About Auto Tires

Ⅰ. How long can auto tires be used?

1. It is difficult to determine the specific maximum life of auto tires because tire wear and aging depend on many different factors. For example, tires wear 4–5 times faster in spring than at the end of summer. According to international practice, the longest recommended service life of car tires is 6 years, while the longest service life of tires is 10 years. Tires manufactured up to 5 years ago can be sold as brand new products, because if stored properly, tires can retain their original characteristics for up to 5 years.

2. When the season changes, the tires should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. For more information on the proper storage of tires, please see "Tires for Car Tire Maintenance". The minimum safe groove depth for winter tyres is 4 mm. We do not recommend using winter tyres (M+S) in summer. Tires must not come into contact with solvents such as diesel, gasoline, or lubricants.

Ⅱ. The degree of middle wear of my auto tires is more than that of side wear. Is it because the tire pressure is wrong?

Traction tires generally wear more in the middle than at the edges, while free-rolling tires wear relatively more at the edges. The best way to evenly wear and maximize the tire driving experience is to change the position of the front and rear axle auto tires every 8,000-10,000 kilometers (5,000-6,000 miles).

Ⅲ. When installing studded auto tires, will the tire be damaged if the rolling direction is reversed?

1. When I installed studded auto tires, one of them was installed upside-down from the specified rolling direction, and I drove like this for the whole winter. Will this damage the tires?

2. Reverse loading of auto tires will generally not damage the tires. However, we recommend that the studded high performance winter tires used should not change the direction of rotation during their service life, as this will affect the grip of the studded winter tyres. For it to play the best cleaning and snow melting performance, it is best to install the tires in the correct direction.

Ⅳ. If the nails on the studded winter tyres fall off, can they be replaced?

It is not possible to exchange new nails for missing nails, because the new nails cannot be firmly fixed in the old nail holes.

Ⅴ. How do I know if the tire pressure of a car tire is correct?

1. You can find the correct car tire pressure information in your car owner's manual, on the car's fuel tank cover, on the storage compartment door, or the door frame and side of the door.

2. If there is no relevant information in the above places, professional high performance tyre repair shops and consulting our technical customer service department will be able to help you solve problems related to car tire pressure.


Ⅵ. Can auto tires be washed with solvents?

We recommend that you use a mild detergent to clean your tires, for example, clean water for auto tires. Be sure to clean the tires thoroughly to prevent washing solvent from remaining in the nail holes or tire grooves. Do not directly use the pressure washer to spray on the surface of the auto tires at close range, because the high-pressure spray may damage the meridian structure.

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