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For D1NZ, SSC5 is Staying with Racing Drivers

D1NZ is New Zealand's production car drifting series, a championship sanctioned by Motorsport New Zealand, the official FIA racing governing body in New Zealand. It started in early 2003 as a small competition with several rafting teams from all over the country to organize and regulate rafting events in the country. Since then it has grown and specialized and now involves professional teams and internationally ranked riders. D1NZ is leading the way in this unique car culture, with Drift being recognised as the fastest growing motor sport category in the world. The series is a world class race with many top New Zealand drivers on the podium in New Zealand along with representatives from Australia, Japan, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Europe.

autogreentyre-20220624-1.jpgFor the February 2022 race, AUTOGREEN sponsored driver Isaac Aldridge, who finished third in the A MOTORSPORTS Challenge. This time, he will be driving a BMW E92 with Eugro SSC5 tires to participate in the D1 car.

autogreentyre-20220624-2.jpgautogreentyre-20220624-3.jpgautogreentyre-20220624-4.jpgDrifting competitions have higher requirements on tires. The high-wet grip compound technology adopted by Autogreen ssc5 makes the tires have stronger grip and good friction. Excellent wet handling, traction and acceleration.

autogreentyre-20220624-5.jpgThe tires and the ground will continue to generate high temperatures during long-term cornering and sudden braking on the track. This requires the tire to have excellent high temperature resistance. The ssc5 adopts asymmetrical pattern design, with circumferential straight grooves on the outer side and groove pattern design on the inner side of the shoulder, so that the tread has better heat dissipation and drainage, ensuring high-speed driving safety.

autogreentyre-20220624-6.jpgautogreentyre-20220624-7.jpgautogreentyre-20220624-8.jpgIn addition to long-term corners, acceleration at the start and straight-line acceleration in the race also have a great impact on the performance. The high-rigidity polyester material used in ssc5 improves the traction and stability of the vehicle during acceleration, bringing excellent traction and acceleration capabilities.

autogreentyre-20220624-9.jpgautogreentyre-20220624-10.jpgSuperSport Chaser SSC5 is an ultra-high performance tire for luxury cars and super sports cars. The asymmetrical tread pattern provides excellent handling on both dry and wet roads. The "silent tread" design provides the lowest noise level, this is a premium option for drivers who want both handling performance and driving comfort.


Speed class: V/W/Y

Section Width: 195-275

Rim Diameter: 15-20'

Aspect ratio: 30-55

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