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Grab the Owner's Mind is to Grab Your Tire Business

As the saying goes, the start is good, but this order can't run. How to communicate with customers in the first sentence? If your employees and customers they're reaching out to ask, "Is there anything I can do for you?", there's a good chance your store will lose that business.

In fact, the clerk should ask the customer: "How did you come here today?" But few people will ask. If you can show customers that you care about why they come to the store to do business with you and not just get a single tyre business from them, then you can keep those customers and build a lasting relationship with them! They will also consider going to your tyre store before they consider going to another store.

Ⅰ. Do you know why they choose your tyre shop?

Everything that happens in the tyre sales process stems from an interaction between two people, and as a shop owner, you have to consider what happens to the owner's psychology throughout the process—fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Fear of tyre failure will drive customers to the tyre shop, but they can't be sure your shop is the best place to go, they'll also be suspicious of workers doing repairs, and you might think it's a friendly deal.

But never underestimate the various concerns that every customer who enters your store will have about your business. For example, the quality of your tyres is too hard? Is your price reasonable? Will it cost me money? Will the waiting process be long?

In order to help customers dispel their concerns and provide what they really need, it is recommended that tyre manufacturers adopt a four-step sales method, namely: preparation before communication, communication, warm advice, and appropriate adjustment.

Ⅱ. How to sell tyres?

1. Preparation before communication

In this step, the clerk needs to get to know each other with the customer. The tyre manufacturer can look through the store records and confirm that the customer has come by the date or service work mentioned, which is also the first step in creating the conditions of communication and getting what the customer really wants.

2. Communication

Without this step, you have no chance to sell other accessory products and services, and nine times out of ten, customers will not know everything you sell. If they realize that you have these services, they will have the opportunity to do business with you.

This process generally only takes half a minute to a minute. When a customer comes to the store and says to change the tyre, you also need to ask if there are other problems with the car, which can be more conducive to the promotion of your product and service projects, and you will find that you have a lot of business.

3. Warm suggestions

It is a "negotiation" to suggest that the client has a lot to do for him or her and to make them aware that they may not want to spend more money to do it, but it has to be.

This process leads to the fourth step: making the right adjustments so that the business closes. Wouldn't it be better than just asking customers to buy four tyres? You can also spend more time in the communication process.

Usually customers come to our tyre shop for the first time, and they will have a skeptical attitude in their hearts. If a tyre manufacturer wants to win this single transaction, the first step is to dispel the skepticism of the car owner as much as possible and establish a relationship of trust, so that your business will become more and more prosperous.

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