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How to Choose and Buy Auto Tires?

1. When to change auto tires?

Many people are uncertain about how to buy new auto tires, and do not know when to replace them or what kind of tires can best meet driving needs. Tires are an important part of all cars and are very important to ensure safety. Learning about relevant knowledge will help to buy tires that are most suitable for existing vehicles, and to make driving more comfortable and more secure.

About auto tires, first we need to know when they should be replaced. When the tread pattern is too shallow, it needs to be replaced. How to know that? We can check whether the surface has uneven wear, especially the inner side of the tire. Uneven wear can cause driving difficulties or vibration. Most new auto tires have indicating blocks, which are small rubber lines set along the tire pattern. When these bulge modules are worn off, it is time to consider buying new tires.

It is best to buy new auto tires before autumn or rainy season. This is because the new tires have deep surface patterns and they can have better better grip strength on snow, ice or wet roads in winter.

2. Models of auto tires

It is important to know the tire models. We should always select tires that are consistent with or exceed the original load capacity and safety rate, and ensure that the appropriate model and size are selected according to the type of motor vehicle. There are many basic types to choose from and decisions should be made according to your driving needs. Common tire models include:

1) All season tyre. This is the most affordable tire that can be used in all weather conditions. However, special types of tires are usually required in extreme weather conditions.

2) Racing or high-performance tires. These tires not only have outstanding performance, but also have a very fashionable and attractive appearance. They are usually used by racing cars or recreational vehicles.

3) Heavy duty tires. This kind of auto tire is more durable than ordinary tire, which means it can carry more pressure, such as driving on the rough road, towing, etc.


3. How to buy auto tires?

Before making any purchase decision, be sure to find a trusted dealer and shop around to find affordable high-quality tires. Remember, although new tires may be expensive, they are also a safe and reliable investment.

Precautions: we should avoid mismatching auto tires. If you buy tires that do not mtach properly, you often need to replace them at different times. This means that it may not only lead to unstable driving, but also cause excessive wear of different tires and even difficult handling. In order to avoid this problem, it is best to replace new tires in pairs and assemble them on the rear wheels to improve thier grip strength as much as possible.

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