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How to Choose the SUV Tyre? 5 Common SUV Tyre

1. SUV tyres

No matter what kind of off-road vehicle it is, ordinary road tires are generally installed when leaving the factory, and these tires are generally neutral road pattern tires.

Their characteristics are that the sidewall is relatively soft, the tread pattern is fine, the tire noise is relatively small, and the road tires of off-road vehicles have a certain degree of comfort.

2. All-terrain tires of SUV tyres

It is the AT tires that off-road enthusiasts often say. Compared with road tires, all terrain tire has a rougher pattern and larger spacing between tire teeth.

The disadvantage of this tire is that the tire noise is relatively large, but on non-paved roads, the durability and adhesion of off-road vehicle all-terrain tires are very good. This tire can be simple off-road and can be driven on the road. , is a more commonly used tire for off-road vehicles, and is also the favorite of off-road enthusiasts.

3. Mud tires of SUV tyres

As you can see from the name, this is an off-road tire specially designed for driving in the mud.

This kind of tire has a hard sidewall, and the distance between the tire teeth is also particularly large, which is conducive to the tire discharge and mud dumping when the off-road vehicle is driving in the mud.

At the same time, if you are driving on uneven rocky roads, mud tires can also add some extra adhesion. These tires are generally only used when professional off-roading, and driving on the road will be particularly expensive.

4. 4x4 snow tyres

When it snows in winter, we usually use snow chains, but in some places in the northeast where snow falls more frequently, they usually change to snow tires. The 4x4 snow tyres have metal studs in the rubber, and the tire tread. The fine lines also increase its grip, and the special material also makes the tread softer, and the colder it is, the greater the friction with the ground.

5. Rainforest tires for SUV tyres

Rainforest tires for off-road vehicles are commonly used in some international events or jungle off-road. Rainforest tires are also commonly known as centipede tires. By the name, you can know how powerful the tire teeth of this SUV tyre are. Although it is useless on the road, once it enters the jungle, it is when it shows its power.

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