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How to Extend the Service Life of Tires?

1. Factors affecting the service life of auto tires

The service life of automobile tires depends on many factors, such as tire quality and maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer will list on the label how long the tire can last. Users should pay more attention to these labels. Sometimes, spending a little extra money when buying tires can increase the mileage of 25,000 to 35,000 kilometers.

The general usable mileage of auto tires is 40,000-80,000 kilometers. However, many factors need to be considered, such as road conditions, weather, and driving conditions. In addition, some simple maintenance can also extend the life of a tire by about 50%. Maintaining a tire that is expected to use 80,000 kilometers can even use 120,000 kilometers.

2. Ways to extend the service life of auto tires

Ensure that the tire pressure of the car is always maintained at the level recommended by the car tyres company. Users can find relevant information in the manual, the dashboard cabinet or the inside of the front door. It is unscientific to reduce tire pressure and increase grip. This will not only increase friction and cause tires to wear too quickly, but also increase fuel consumption. Keeping the tires under proper pressure will make the car easier to handle and drive smoothly.

Check car tires when the temperature drops. Every ten degree decrease in air temperature will reduce the tire pressure by one mark. The temperature difference between summer and winter is sometimes 50 degrees, which shows the obvious influence of weather on tires.

To make car tires last longer, car owners should also periodically reverse the position of the tires. Usually, the front and rear wheels are cross-reversed. Front-wheel drive cars tend to wear the front wheels faster, and rear-wheel drive cars face the same situation. This is also the reason for changing the position of the tires.


If you want to change car tires, although you may not necessarily buy the same brand, you should choose low rolling resistance to ensure a longer mileage. It is best to ask a tire expert to help you find the tire that best matches the car.

Ensure proper positioning of car tires. Badly positioned tires can lead to premature replacement. In addition, poor positioning not only makes driving unsafe, but also has problems such as poor handling, high fuel consumption and high tire replacement frequency.

In addition to lack of maintenance, if the driver has bad driving habits, it will also shorten the life of the tire. Compared with people with conservative driving habits, people who like to accelerate or stop quickly will accelerate the wear of car tires. Because every time you brake, some tread will be left on the road surface.

However, all car tires have a specific service life before normal wear and tear. To make it easier to determine whether a tire is close to end of life, most manufacturers install wear signs on new tires. At the end of its useful life, this line will run through the tire. The use of polished tires is not only illegal, but also very dangerous.

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