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How to Judge Whether an Auto Tire Has Been Retreaded?

Ⅰ. How to refurbish auto tires?

Replacing old tires with retreaded tires is a good way to be economical and environmentally friendly. If the car tires remain intact in addition to normal wear and tear, they can be refurbished and used. This is also the best way to extend the life of the tire. The refurbishment process cannot be carried out in an ordinary auto repair shop, it requires special skills and expensive special equipment. In addition, refurbishment services are most suitable for large companies that need to consume a lot of tires, such as trucks, buses, taxis, and airplanes.

Ⅱ. How to judge whether the auto tires have been retreaded?

The retreaded tire once had a polished tread, and a new layer of tread will be vulcanized on top of it. This is a waste utilization method that prolongs the service life of auto tires. Although most retreaded tires are safe, it is still necessary to understand the difference between new and retreaded tires.

1. Check the "bias", "bias belted", or similar signs on the sidewall of the car tire. The laws of most countries require retread tires to be marked with this symbol to let consumers know what type of product they are buying.

2. Check the retreaded tires on large vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, etc. Retreaded tires are most commonly used on heavy vehicles that do not require long-distance driving. In fact, private cars rarely use retreaded tires. Observe the texture and density of the sidewall. The texture of the retreaded tire is blurry. In addition, darker tread or rough hand feel can be used as identification criteria.

3. Check the wrinkles on the sidewall. The retreaded car tires are vulcanized with a new layer of rubber on the original tread, so there will always be some marks.

4. The price factor. The price of retreaded tires is usually equivalent to 25-50% of new tires.


5. Check if there are any traces of polishing. Retreading car tires usually requires removing a portion of the original tread. If you check carefully, you will always see some traces of processing.

6. Check the adhesive on the car tires. Most tires use special vulcanized rubber to paste a new layer of tread on the original tread. Tire quality not only affects the formation of comfort, but also important for safety. Therefore, if you plan to buy retreaded tires, it is best to hand them to a reputable car tyres company.

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