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NordChaser-WS1 Studded Winter Tyres with Non-skid Nails

NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres with cleats provide excellent braking and acceleration grip. And when the car is driving in curves and on icy and snowy roads, this tire can ensure a strong grip.

Ⅰ. NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres have Z-shaped zigzag patterns

1. If you want a car tire with excellent performance, it is not enough to rely on the rubber formula alone, but also the texture design of auto tires with special functions. The pattern of a car tire is one of the most complicated factors in tire planning, and it is also a top priority. It not only determines the tire's use characteristics, but also determines the tire's grip, drainage and noise.

2. We can see which effect the tires tend to have by the shape of the auto tires stripes or rubber blocks. For example: if the rubber blocks of the stripes are large, then the tire should focus on grip; if the rubber blocks are many and small and have more grooves, it should be more focused on drainage; if on both sides of the centerline The texture of the glue block is properly staggered, which helps to reduce noise. And this article will be talking about NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres, these tires have a Z-shaped serration on the tread.

3. The Z-shaped zigzag design of these car tires is very similar to the paws of some pets such as cats and dogs. When you touch the soles of your pet's feet, you will find that it has a strong conflict, so the pets at home can run on the smooth tiles with confidence and boldness. Auto tires with Z-shaped zigzag patterns have better grip, so the car is safer in snow.

Ⅱ. The ice nemesis of NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres - ice nails

A snow tire with excellent performance, it is difficult to withstand the solid ice with the jagged pattern alone. Especially in some areas with very cold climates in northern Europe, once the road is icy in winter, it will be very hard, and the tires must rely on ice studs and optimized stud holes to firmly stick to the ground.

After adopting the same ice stud technique as the spikes for NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres, we have further improved the technology so that winter tyres also have excellent friction on firm concrete surfaces. Our technique is to add soft nail pads to the base of the ice nails. NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres bounce the studs inwards when they are in contact with hard ground, ensuring that some of the tread rubber adheres tightly to the hard road, providing maximum friction. Our NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres have a flanged design and the azimuth distribution of each spike is computer optimized. The ice spikes are not placed in a row but evenly spread over the entire surface of the tread. This means that no two studs next to each other are placed longitudinally, ensuring the tire has the best grip in all conditions. This joint design, called ecological ice studs, can greatly increase the grip of the tires and reduce the damage to the road surface by the ice studs.

Ⅲ. NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres have good wear resistance and puncture resistance

A good snow tire not only has excellent safety and comfort, but also has excellent puncture resistance, in order to obtain more maintenance and stability in unexpected situations. The shoulders of NordChaser-WS1 studded winter tyres have larger pattern blocks, widened grooves and concave-convex grooves on the edges, which improve the handling and braking performance on icy and snowy roads; the larger groove volume can effectively improve grip and snow pressure. and the ability to remove snow, ensuring excellent performance on snowy roads. Shoulder Z-shaped cutting groove design, efficient cutting snow column.

The primary task of snow tyres is still to improve the safety of the vehicle in the snow environment. A test data shows that the braking interval of good studded high performance winter tires on snow is as much as 2.8 times shorter than that of summer tyres.

Ⅳ. Snow tyres are not only used for ice and snow roads

Many netizens will think that snow tyres are used to deal with driving on ice and snow roads. If it is in some big cities with little snow or frequent snow removal, there should be no need to use winter tires.

That's wrong! Originally, the rubber of all-season tires will reduce the molecular activity at a lower temperature below 7 degrees Celsius, that is, the elasticity of the tread and the function of sticking to the ground will be reduced. Therefore, the use of snow tyres should be determined according to the ambient temperature. If the temperature is too cold, it is necessary to use snow tyres. What's more, those icy surfaces hidden on the dry road that is not easy to see, or the snow on the road that has been removed from snow melted and turned into ice, are more harmful to driving than snow!

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