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All Terrain Tyre

Chinese all terrain tires have large-angle grooves to improve self-cleaning ability. An optimal balance between performance on road and off-road. Aggressive tread design expels water, snow slush and mud for optimum traction in all terrain conditions. Autogreen makes 13-44 inch low profile all terrain tires with rims for sale. Autogreen closes good 4x4 tyres deals with customers who wish to buy commercial all terrain tires for vans or xuv500 at affordable prices.

All-terrain tyre are the most widely used tires for off-road enthusiasts. The design of all-terrain tyre is more compatible than road tires. The pattern design of all-terrain tyre is rougher, and the distance between fetal teeth is slightly larger than that of road tires. The negative effect is reduced road performance and increased noise, but the durability and adhesion on non-paved roads are stronger than road tires. It is a tire that takes both off-road and road performance into consideration.

1. AT tires are the most complex of off-road tires. This type of tires focuses on sandy off-road, some on roads, and some on mud. In short, the more rubber that touches the ground, the better the road handling; the less the touch pattern and the deeper the groove, the better the off-road performance.

2. As the popularity of SUV models continues to rise in the country, many tire brands have begun to promote and develop SUV tires, including AT tires commonly used in hard-core off-road vehicles. As the name suggests, the meaning of AT tires lies in all-weather, all-weather The terrain, compared with road tires, has better grip, stronger and more durable characteristics, making it the first choice for many car owners to upgrade.

3. All-terrain vehicle tyres are distinguished between road tires and off-road tyres. Professional off-road all-terrain vehicles are all off-road tires with deep tire gears, which have a stronger grip, and light-patterned tyres are suitable for running on relatively stable roads.

  • Terrain Cruiser-TC9

    Terrain Cruiser is premium On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tyre developed for light truck drivers looking for combine on-road competence with off-road versatility.
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All Terrain Tyre FAQs

  • What Are All Terrain Tyres?
    A :

    All Terrain Tyre of low rolling resistance is designed to deliver superior traction for SUVs, light truck, pickups and vans both off and on road. The A/T aggressive looking hybrid all terrain tires provid exceptional handling and on-and -off-road stability while maintaining a comfortable ride.

  • Do I Need High Performance Tyres?
    A :

    When nowhere is off-limits, you need a tyre with real bite that doesn't compromise on ride comfort and reliability.

  • The Benefits Of All Terrain Tyres
    A :

    All-Terrain tyre providing the perfect balance of highway and off-road performance.

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Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029