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High Performance Tyre/HP

The performance of tyres directly affects the driving quality of the entyre vehicle, after all, they are the only components on the road. The tyre pattern design of high performance tyre/tire adopts the common asymmetric pattern design scheme in the field of high-end tyres. Generally speaking, tyres with asymmetric pattern design have good lateral turning stability, excellent drainage performance, and handling on wet and slippery roads. The disadvantage is that asymmetric tread tyres are generally more expensive, and you must pay attention to the inner and outer directions when installing. Generally speaking, the wider rib in the center of the tread can provide better steering performance; the shoulder part uses a multi-pitch tread design with an angle that is not exaggerated. As far as general single-guide tyres are concerned, performance is an advantage and noise is a problem. The racing and high performance tyre/tire does not have the main drain which adopts a single-directional V-shaped pattern design and uses a larger tyre block to obtain a larger ground contact area and grip. HP tyre is especially suitable for short-term speed on the sports track. Autogreen produces a select number of van tyres with wide bade tread, performance uhp tyres offer drivers with stable and smooth drive experience, longer using life and better traction ability.

  • Sport Chaser-SC2

    Sport Chaser is a performance tyre pattern for family passenger cars.Its environment friendly designed tread pattern,lowers rolling resistance and noise emission,provides enhanced comfortable driving experience and sufficient sense of safety.
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  • TourChaser-TC1

    Economical tyre with low noise and good wet grip performance tyre pecifically developed for family passenger cars. TourChaser Tc1 is a tyre designed to drive comfortable and fuel economical thanks to its low rolling resistance on the road.
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  • Smart Chaser-SC1

    Designed for high performance andfamily passengers cars, the SmartChaser-SC1 offers an unparalleleddriving experience due to excep-tional steering precision anddirectional stability. Autogreenhave cre...
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Indicators of high performance tyre

  • The greater the resistance of friction, the more important it is in terms of braking force.

  • Choose an excellent tire to meet the driving experience.

  • Through the tire pattern will be water from its pattern exclusion, to ensure the vehicle running.

  • Semi hot melt tire, generally can improve the wear-resisting performance of the tire, reduce the tire wear.

High Performance Tyre/HP FAQs

  • What Are High Performance Tyres?
    A :

    High performance tyres are designed to provide superior levels of handling and grip at high speeds. For example, performance uhp tyres uesd as the racing and high performance tyre. By incorporating a larger contact patch, which clings to the road surface when cornering. High performance tyre offers improved stability for sports and racing car. The best high performance tyres are constructed using specially designed compounds that provide better braking distances than regular tyres. Autogreen makes cheap HP tyre for sale, including sport chaser, tourchaser, etc.

  • Do I Need High Performance Tyres?
    A :

    Ultra high performance tyres aren’t suitable for all vehicles or motorists. They are usually more expensive than regular tyres and their tread may wear down more quickly due to the softer compounds used. They are also not as efficient as, say, energy saving tyres. This means they may be less suitable for drivers concerned about their fuel consumption, tyre life, or who mainly only drive short distances.

    If, however, you’re looking for tyres that maximise speed, safety and responsiveness, high performance tyres could be an investment which repays many times over. Performance tyres are ideal for dynamic drivers, who require stability and precision at high speed.

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