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Ultra High Performance Tyre/UHP

Ultra high performance tire/tyre is designed to fit premium cars and sports cars. It has a high level of safety, energy-saving and fuel-saving, quiet comfort. It is especially committed to optimizing wet performance, reducing rolling resistance and providing a comfortable driving environment to effectively reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The tyre is the basis of all the performance of a car, it is the most important and most inaccessible part of a car. A set of performance UHP tyres are not only an improvement in the power output level but also a safer driving guarantee, because they can shorten the braking distance and improve the handling stability, which is not harmful to drive. Therefore, even if it is not a high-performance car, it is necessary to use performance UHP tyres. It is time for some car owners to change their consciousness. One of the most important features of ultra high performance tyres is to present the best grip in all driving situations, thereby ensuring excellent handling performance and precise direction change of the tyres, while ensuring a short braking distance on wet and dry roads. In our daily driving position, the maximum speed of 120km/h is incredible, but the speed level of ultra high performance tire/tyre is basically 270km/h or 300km/h. The higher the speed level, the higher the requirements for tyre technology R&D and manufacturing.

  • SuperSport Chaser-SSC5

    SuperSport Chaser is a ultra high performance tyre for sedans.The asymmetric tread pattern provides superior handling ability on both dry and wet road.The”mute tread” design provides lowest noise level.
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  • SuperSportPioneer-SSP8

    Directional pattern specially designed for refitted vehicle.Wide tread and large shoulder blocks provide outstanding handling performance and stability. Small grooves within pattern blocks reduce rigidity and enhance grip performance,which will assure your high speed safety.
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Indicators of Ultra High Performance Tyre/UHP

  • Improved drainage performance to effectively reduce risk of hydroplaning

  • In general, tires with a flat ratio of less than 55 are called UHP, and any other radial tire can be called HP

Ultra High Performance Tyre/UHP FAQs

  • The Benefits Of Ultra High Performance Tyres
    A :
    • Excellent handling  performance.

    • Improved drainage performance to effectively reduce risk of hydroplaning.

    • Superior driving stability.

    • Comfortable ride.

    • Designed to fit premium cars and sports cars.

  • What Are Ultra High Performance Tyres?
    A :

    Ultra High Performance passenger tyres for users, adopted performance as life style. It provides ultimate bend-turning option and high anti-wear resistance with computer designed pattern and tyre profile. One direction pattern represents an esthetic appearance and provides efficient water discharge.

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