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Winter Tyre

The design of the winter tire pattern is adopting to break the ice on icy and snowy roads aims to express the outstanding grip performance, winter tire promotions

on the brilliant driving and braking are also guaranteed as well.

The traction and friction performance on snowy roads can be ensured by the deep and widened longitudinal cross pattern grooves, followed by the widened crosswise pattern grooves, which are helpful to drainage and snowmelt. Great grip and handling performance on ice and snow surface. Directional tread pattern design for excellent snow traction performance.

Winter tyres are tyres specially designed for winter driving. They can still guarantee the grip of the tires below 7 degrees Celsius. Normally, at this temperature, ordinary tyres will more or less lose a certain amount of grip. The tyre formula is different from summer tyres and all-season tyres. Many people think that winter tyres are snow tires. In fact, snow tires are just a type of winter tyres, and winter tyres are divided into ordinary winter tyres and snow tires. Winter tyres are divided into three types: ordinary winter tyres, snow tires, and studded tyres. The studded tyres are equipped for special vehicles and are not allowed to drive on daily roads. When we are driving fast, the accumulated water will form a water film between the tire and the road, which will greatly reduce the grip of the tyre in an instant, and the water film on our tyres has a similar effect. The water film attached to the tyre will greatly reduce the grip of the tyres. The pattern of our winter tyres will prevent this from happening to a certain extent. First of all, because the tread of winter tyres is very soft, water and snow can be discharged from the unique pattern through deformation and centrifugal force when the vehicle is running. Winter tyres usually have additional drainage pattern designs on both sides of the tread to make the tire drainage process faster and more efficient.

Autogreen is a professional winter tire manufacturer having 13-37 inch affordable studded mud and winter snow tires/tyres for sale.

  • Winter-max U1-WL2

    The Winter-Max U1 tyre has the perfect balance of safety and comfort. It adapts to all weather variations offering relentless grip and making driving controlled, precise and enjoyable.
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  • Winter-max A1-WL5

    The Winter-Max A1 tyre optimally combines high performance handing and reliable winter grip. It offers balanced driving in rapidly changing weather conditions for passenger cars.
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  • NordChaser-WS1

    The Winter-Max S1 tyre fit with stud provides excellent braking and acceleration grip and also superior grip in curves and when passing on both icy and snowy roads.
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  • Winter Force-WL7

    The Winter Force tyre with powerful grip on rain snow and even ice road condition. Non studded winter tyre technology with the best safety characteristics. WL7 specially design for commercial vehicle and vans.
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  • Wintercross-WL6

    The Soft Tread compound used inWINTERCROSS-WL6 to maintain good grip performance and precise handling performance on snowy and icy roads.The braking performance of WINTER CROSS WL6 is more excellent toensure your driving safety.
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Indicators of Winter Tyre

  • Snow tires have asymmetrical directional tread pattern. Snow tires have more grooves.

  • The silicon dioxide mixture rubber formula can contact more closely with the smooth ice surface.

  • Under low temperature conditions, snow tires will still maintain a soft texture.

Winter Tyres FAQs

  • What are Winter Tyres?
    A :

    Winter tyres provide excellent slush, snow , and wet traction in cold climate conditions. Winter tyres can be sold for various functions like aggressive high performance snow tires, snow tires in mud,in rain, on dry roads or on ice. There are also winter tire set specials for different transporations such as 4×4 SUV winter snow tyres, aggressive snow tires for light trucks.

  • The Benefits of Winter Tyres
    A :
    • Winter handing. Multi-layer sipes and the edged saw-tooth blocks provide better steering and stability on snow and ice.

    • Winter Weather Compound. With the silica-rich tread compound, the winter tyre maintains supreme grip thanks to its perfect calibration of hardness and flexibility in extremely cold weather conditions.

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