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  • Sport Chaser-SC2 Sport Chaser-SC2 Sport Chaser is a performance tyre pattern for family passenger cars.Its environment friendly designed tread pattern,lowers rolling resistance and noise emission,provides enhanced comfortable driving experience and sufficient sense of safety.
  • SuperSport Chaser-SSC5 SuperSport Chaser-SSC5 SuperSport Chaser is a ultra high performance tyre for sedans.The asymmetric tread pattern provides superior handling ability on both dry and wet road.The”mute tread” design provides lowest noise level.
  • Sport Cruiser-SC6 Sport Cruiser-SC6 Excellent traction-High desity sipe cuts ensure excellent traction on roads and general off-roads. Good Operation, Control and Braking Performance.
  • Terrain Cruiser-TC9 Terrain Cruiser-TC9 Terrain Cruiser is premium On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tyre developed for light truck drivers looking for combine on-road competence with off-road versatility.
  • Smart Cruiser-SC7 Smart Cruiser-SC7 Smart Cruiser is used on small and medium commercial trucks, vans and pickups.It is for drivers who want a combination of heavy-duty load capacity, long mileage,even wear and traction on dry and wet roads.
  • SuperSport Chaser-SSC5 RFT SuperSport Chaser-SSC5 RFT Reduced danger and hassle.Drive after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 80km at maximum speed up to 80km/h. Compatible with standard wheel rims. No need for a spare tyre.
  • All Season Versat-AS2 All Season Versat-AS2 All Season Versat AS2 combine reliable winter safety with the precise driving stability and firm handing of our summer tyres. The AS2 Weatherproof product offers first class safety and durability for year round use.
  • Winter-max U1-WL2 Winter-max U1-WL2 The Winter-Max U1 tyre has the perfect balance of safety and comfort. It adapts to all weather variations offering relentless grip and making driving controlled, precise and enjoyable.
  • TourChaser-TC1 TourChaser-TC1 Economical tyre with low noise and good wet grip performance tyre pecifically developed for family passenger cars. TourChaser Tc1 is a tyre designed to drive comfortable and fuel economical thanks to its low rolling resistance on the road.
  • SuperSportPioneer-SSP8 SuperSportPioneer-SSP8 Directional pattern specially designed for refitted vehicle.Wide tread and large shoulder blocks provide outstanding handling performance and stability. Small grooves within pattern blocks reduce rigidity and enhance grip performance,which will assure your high speed safety.
  • All Season Versat-AS7 All Season Versat-AS7 ALL SEASON VAN-AS7 tyre that delivers the traction, durability and performance you need in demanding conditions. Special pattern design enables to enloy flexible operation and control on all kinds of roads.
  • Winter-max A1-WL5 Winter-max A1-WL5 The Winter-Max A1 tyre optimally combines high performance handing and reliable winter grip. It offers balanced driving in rapidly changing weather conditions for passenger cars.
  • NordChaser-WS1 NordChaser-WS1 The Winter-Max S1 tyre fit with stud provides excellent braking and acceleration grip and also superior grip in curves and when passing on both icy and snowy roads.
  • Winter Force-WL7 Winter Force-WL7 The Winter Force tyre with powerful grip on rain snow and even ice road condition. Non studded winter tyre technology with the best safety characteristics. WL7 specially design for commercial vehicle and vans.
  • Smart Chaser-SC1 Smart Chaser-SC1 Designed for high performance andfamily passengers cars, the SmartChaser-SC1 offers an unparalleleddriving experience due to excep-tional steering precision anddirectional stability. Autogreenhave cre...
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Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029