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Tips for Maintaining Auto Tires

Ⅰ. Correct storage can slow down the aging of auto tires

1. Car tire (tyre) storage room temperature: The temperature of the auto tire (tyre) storage room should be lower than 25ºC. It is best to be in a dark environment and the temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher than 25 degrees or lower than 0 degrees, the performance of the tire rubber will change, which will affect the service life of the auto tire. Storage in cool conditions will not adversely affect rubber products.

2. The storage of auto tires is affected by humidity: storage of auto tires in very humid environmental conditions should be avoided as far as possible. The air humidity in the storage room should not be too high. If it is too high, condensation of the tires will occur. At the same time, the tires should not be stored in a place prone to rain or splashing.

3. The auto tire (tyre) storage is affected by light: tires must be protected from light. Especially avoid direct sunlight and artificial lighting with strong ultraviolet components.

4. The storage of auto tires is affected by oxygen and ozone: ozone has a strong harmful effect on tires. The storage room must not have any ozone production equipment, such as fluorescent lamps or mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical equipment, electric motors, or any other electrical equipment that may generate sparks or silent discharges.

5. Improper storage of auto tires will cause deformation: tires must be stored in the correct way so that they are not subjected to any pressure or torsion. Tires stored for a long time may be severely deformed or even damaged due to pressure. When you are loading and unloading tires in the warehouse, you should try to avoid tires falling from a height higher than 1.5m, which may damage the bead area. As a result, the bead may bend.

6. Auto tires should be stored away from solvents, oils, lubricants, and fuels: tires must avoid contact with any solvents, oils, or lubricants. Even for short-term storage, tires must be protected from welding sparks and powerful emitter light sources.


Ⅱ. A guide on how to check the tire (tyre) pressure of a car and the recommended tire (tyre) inflation pressure

1. The owner's car manual will provide the correct auto tire (tyre) inflation pressure.

2. Please note that the temperature will affect the air pressure: when the weather is cold, the tire (tyre) inflation pressure needs to be slightly higher than when the weather temperature is higher.

3. Do not adjust the tire (tyre) pressure immediately after driving, because driving the vehicle will increase the tire (tyre) temperature.

4. Remember to check the inflation pressure of the spare tire (tyre) regularly.

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