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Capital Engineering

  • The ability to bear the load of a car

  • It can buffer the impact from the road together with the vehicle suspension system, and attenuate the resulting vibration, so as to ensure good driving stability and ride comfort

  • Provide enough adhesion for the transmission of driving force and braking force

  • To provide enough steering control and directional stability for changing or maintaining vehicle driving direction

Production Process

Shaping vulcanization shearing

Inspection (appearance, X-ray, Tuo, dynamic balance,strength,high speed, durability) → warehousing

Uneven Wear

The tyres are worn on the edges with exposed cords due to a wheel alignment issue, most likely caused by hitting or driving up and down kerbs or hitting potholes, which can knock out the wheel alignment.

Incorrect wheel alignment causes premature tyre wear and affects road handling and safety. It is the driver's responsibility to check their vehicle's tyres regularly.

The typical signs of incorrect wheel tracking alignment are:

  • Uneven or feathered tyre wear

  • Steering wheel vibration

  • Drag or pulling

  • Audible distress while turning corners

  • Wheel alignment should also be checked after having steering components changed.

Use Skills

Maintain the normal tyre pressure and tyre pressure

Prevent tyre overload

Control the tyre running temperature too high

Tyre transposition

Remove the stones and other impurities in the pattern

Prevent tyre aging

Pattern Depth

Please check your tyres' tread depths regularly and at least once a month and don't leave changing your tyres to the last millimetre. Most tyre manufacturers recommend changing at 3mm. If you don't have a tread depth gauge, use the simply 20p method below.

Perfomance Selection

1.Load bearing performance

2. Handling stability

3. Driving safety (wet skid resistance and sideslip resistance)

4. Adhesion and traction performance

5. Durability (fatigue and damage resistance, wear resistance)

6. Energy saving and economy

7. High speed performance

8. Ride comfort

9. Low noise performance

Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029
Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029