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Travel with Your Home to Your Dream Place


1. The origin of Van Life

Calum Creasey, the founder of Rolling Home, and his partner Lauren converted a Volkswagen T4 car into a dream home, and took it to travel all over Europe, from the sunny coast of Portugal to the verdant hills of the English countryside. They want to share this passion with the world, and at the same time want to maintain and promote this unique and cool lifestyle-Van Life.


2. About autogreenSC7 and Van

AutogreenSC7 design concept and Van Life car demand.


The opening of Van Life first requires a Van, small and medium-sized commercial trucks, covered vehicles are commonly used models of Vans, and the demand for van tire is also different from that of ordinary cars. As a tire(tyre) designed for small and medium-sized commercial trucks and pickup trucks, autogreenSC7 has a heavy load capacity, long mileage, uniform wear and traction, which satisfies all the needs of van life trip.

3. The features of autogreenSC7 product


Outdoor camping often needs to switch between paved and off-road, and climbing and turning are indispensable. The wide base tread of autogreenSC7 can increase the grip of tires and provide better traction for driving.

The single-strand seamless bead bundle of autogreen smart cruiser SC7 provides precise fit between tires and rims, and allows the vehicle to be driven smoothly under various road conditions. Even on the way, you can safely make a pot of coffee in the car.


The advanced tread composite material of autogreenSC7 can effectively improve wet and dry traction and reduce wear. Even when driving on poor roads such as slippery and potholes, it can minimize the braking distance and bring excellent safety guarantee to driving, reduce the degree of tire wear and greatly extend the service life of the tire.


If you are ready to start Van Life, then take autogreenSC7. We look forward to go with you to experience the beauty and large world, establish more intimate and in-depth connections with family and friends, and have a longing fashion life.


4. Index


Speed: Q/R/S/T 

Cross-section width: 175-235 

Rim diameter: 14'-16' 

Aspect ratio: 65-75 

Load index: 90-115 (600-1215KG)

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Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029