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Tyre Factory Help You Understand the Precautions of Car Tire Inflation

I. The main functions of auto tires

Auto tires support the full weight of the vehicle and bear the load of the car; transmit the torsion force of traction and braking to ensure the adhesion between the wheels and the road; reduce and absorb the vibration and impact of the car when driving, and prevent the car parts from being severely shaken And early damage, improve the high-speed performance of the vehicle and reduce the noise during driving, ensure driving safety, handling stability, comfort and energy-saving economy. Insufficient air pressure is very dangerous for the entire driving safety. Now let's take a look at what should be paid attention to when auto tires are inflated.

II. Matters needing attention in tyre inflation:

1. Pay attention to safety when inflating. In the process of inflation, you must check the tire pressure with a barometer at any time. Insufficient inflation will reduce the life of the tire and consume fuel. If the tire is over-inflated, the tire is easy to burst, and there is a safety hazard, especially when driving at high speed, which is even more dangerous. Especially in the summer when the temperature is high, pay attention to the tire pressure.

2. The tire pressure should not be too low or too high when inflating. It should not exceed the standard when inflating, and then deflate after too much, and do not stay in a low pressure state for a long time. Excessive excess of the standard will cause the cord to stretch too much, affect the service life of the auto tires, and pose safety hazards.

3. Inflate auto tires at room temperature. When the vehicle is stopped, the temperature of the tire will increase due to friction. Do not inflate the tire under high temperature. The correct way is to cool the tire first, and then inflate it to room temperature. At this time, the inflation pressure will be normal. Otherwise, the high temperature will affect the air pressure, which may cause over-inflation and so on.


4. Check the valve before and after the car tire is inflated. Before inflating, check whether the valve is clean and free of debris or oil stains. If it matches with the valve core, whether it is flat or not. After inflating, cover the end to prevent clogging by debris.

5. Use clean air to inflate auto tires. Oil pollution is the natural enemy of rubber, so you must pay attention to the cleanness of the air. Water vapor is also not conducive to the protection of tires, so clean air can prevent deterioration and damage to the rubber in the tires.

6. Check whether the auto tires are leaking. The tyre factory stated that after the inflation is completed, apply soapy foamed water or clean water to the valve to check for leaks.

The above is the specific introduction of "Tyre Factory takes you to understand the precautions for car tire inflation". If you want to know more about auto tires, please continue to pay attention to our website, we will give you the most professional and detailed introduction. If you have a need for our related products, welcome to consult and look forward to communicating with you.

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