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Warranty Policy


  • Tyres that have been altered in any way including retreaded, altered and repaired improperly to rubber manufactures association standards or with section repairs or with self-valancing plug are excluded from the limited warranty.

  • Tyres without dot number are excluded from the limited warranty.

  • Tyres with tyrefll, sealant, balancing materials, illers inside thetyre, tyres notched, buffed,re-grooved orcutare excluded fromthelimited warranty.

  • Ozone or weather cracking after 2 years from the date of purchase.

  • Tyre production dates

  • Loss of time, or use, inconvenience, or any incidentalor consequential damage.

  • Tyres that have been misapplied due toinsuffcient speed rating, or undersized,or oversized tyres.

  • Tyres that have become unserviceable due to chemical corrosion,vandalism, chains and flat spotting.

  • Tyres involved in race activities.

  • Uneven wear characteristics caused by mechanicalirregularity in the vehicle such as misalignment,overinflation and under-inflation.

  • Uneven or rapid wear more than 2/32nds across the tread on the same tyre.

  • Tyre damage or irregular wear due to road hazard, including punctures, cuts, impact break, bulge, snag, stone drill and car collision

  • Continued use while run flat or acute under-inflation.

  • Improper use of operation, without limitation,improper inflation, overloading, use ofimproper rim, tyre/wheel balance, wornsuspension components, improper mounting or dismounting, misuse, misapplication, fire.

Owner Obligations

  • Present tyre to the AUTOGREEN  dealer from whom you bought tyres.

  • Complete and sign an AUTOGREEN adjustment claim form at AUTOGREEN dealer you bought tyres

  • Pay the amounts due for a new tyre, less the amount ofthe credit,including taxes, mounting, balancing, valve stemifneeded and anyother service that you might require.

Replacement Warranty

If you receive a replacement tyre under the AUTOGREEN warranty, it will be covered by the manufacturer's warrantyand the supplementallimited warranty that Best Choice International Trade Co. LTD gives on that tyre.

This is the only expressed warranty given by Best Choice International Trade Co.LTD applicable to AUTOGREEN replacement tyres.BestChoice does not make any other express warranty or implied warranty of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose.Best Choice does not authorize any other persons, including authorized dealers, to change this warranty or create any other obligation inconnection with AUTOGREEN products. Best Choice will not do anything other than what is stated in this warranty if a defect is found toexist in an AUTOGREEN replacement radial tyre.    All other remedies are excluded, including any obligation or liability on the part of BestChoice for consequential or incidental damages (such as loss of use of car, loss of time or inconvenience) arising out of defect.

Legal Rights

All implied warranties,included any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to the duration of this written limited warranty. All obligations or liabilities forindirect, incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law, including economic loss, loss of profit, loss of vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, personal injury or death.Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply. Thislimited warranty gives the customer legal rights that may vary from state to state. This is the only express warranty applicable to items sold by Best Choice International Trade Co. LTD,and supersedes theterms of any previous warranty.Best Choice International Trade Co.LTD neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other warranty.

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Third Floor of North Anhua Mansion,NO.8 Yinghua West St., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing,China P.C. 100029