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What Are the Signs of Tire Failure?

Auto tires are the most important component in automobile driving, which not only reflects the comfort of automobile driving, but also reflects the safety of automobile driving. It is a very dangerous thing for car tires to malfunction during driving. Drivers should always observe the appearance of car tires. Some signs may indicate that car tires are more prone to failure. Timely troubleshooting is the correct way to use tires.

1. The tread pattern is worn to the indicator line:

The tread pattern wear indicator line is a flat rubber strip, which is embedded in the tread gully perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the tread. When the car tires are very new or the degree of wear is very low, the tire pattern wear indicator lines are hardly noticed, but when the wear reaches a certain level, these hidden indicator lines appear. If the tire pattern is worn out, it means that you need to replace the tire as soon as possible.

2. Cracks appear in the sidewall of auto tires:

In addition to possible problems on the tread, there are also problems with the sidewall of the tire. For example, small grooves indicate that there may be leaks on the tire, or even a flat tire. Therefore, when tire sidewall cracks seem obvious, auto tires should be replaced in time to prevent tire blowouts.


3. Bumps appear on auto tires:

In some cases, the outer surface of the tire may not be strong enough, resulting in a bulge that is higher than the normal tire surface. A bulge on the tire is very likely to cause a sudden puncture, which is very dangerous.


Excessive vibration and jitter of the vehicle body when driving: A certain amount of jitter is inevitable when the vehicle is moving, especially in poor road conditions. When you have a certain driving experience, you can judge by feeling yourself what kind of jitter is within a reasonable range, and what kind of jitter indicates that the vehicle is malfunctioning. There are many reasons for vehicle shaking, but some shaking may indicate some problems inside the tire; even if the car tire is not the root cause of the vehicle shaking, the shaking will damage the function of the tire and cause tire problems soon. So if the jitter is severe, you should find out the cause in time.

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