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Why Are Car Tires Black?

Why are car tires black? The first reason we can think of is that white is not resistant to dirt. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with this statement. But why don't people use gray or other stain-resistant colors? The answers are as follows.

Ⅰ. Auto tires contain the carbon black

1. In fact, the earliest car tires in the world are indeed milky white, just like the color of natural rubber, so the initial color of the tires is white. However, this tire (tyre) has poor strength, tear-resistance, and aging resistance. The cost is also relatively expensive, and the compound will slowly turn yellow and brown after a long time of use.

2. At that time, the tire (tyre) factory did not even know that adding carbon black to rubber would have such a great effect (enhance the wear resistance and anti-slip performance of tires). As it turns out, black car tires are not only resistant to dirt but also have long service lives!

Ⅱ. Auto tires: the development of black tires

1. In 1915, due to the high-temperature condensation process of carbon and hydrocarbon (a kind of amorphous carbon), the rubber appeared pure black like the ink, and its wear resistance reached an unprecedented level.

2. From the previous car tires that could only run 6000 kilometers to more than 100,000 kilometers, the wear resistance of this black tire (tyre) proved to be outstanding, and since then, car  tires are generally black.

3. In countless attempts, the tyre factory has discovered that adding carbon to rubber and adopting the process of high-temperature condensation of carbon elements and hydrocarbons can improve tire (tyre) performance in terms of wear resistance, aging resistance, and heat dissipation. And this kind of process makes car tires only appear black, so black tires gradually become the mainstream and gradually spread.

Ⅲ. All the current auto tires are black

1. The reason is that carbon black is added to the manufacturing process of car tires. Carbon black is a kind of indeterminate carbon. It is a black powder with lightweight and tiny particles. It is a product obtained by thermal decomposition of carbon-containing fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc. under insufficient combustion.

2. Pure rubber car tires are not wear-resistant, and the rubber molecules will change with the vibration frequency. For a heavyweight like a car, the service life of pure rubber tires is extremely short. To solve this problem, manufacturers have researched and developed for many years. Finally, they chose carbon black as the most important substance in the formula. The practical application proves that carbon black can stabilize the rubber molecules and increase the service life, anti-skid performance, and wear resistance of car tires.

3. Carbon black is a pure black powder, after all, and high performance tyre naturally appear black after being added. And adding this material made the tire (tyre) more practical and reduced consumers' expenses, and consumers have less demanding requirements for colors. We all know that black can match any color, especially for the automobile. And in this way, most people's aesthetics are unified.

The above is how the car tires are black. In the future, it will not rule out that there will be customized tires with personalized colors, but it will be the minority.

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