Terrain Cruiser AT02

The TERRAIN CRUISER AT02 is designed for drivers who want a tyre that can handle any ferrain.The tyre is made from a durable hubber compound that provides excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The tyre's tread pattern is designed to provide maximum grip on loose surtaces likegravelandmud.Thetyrealsofeatures a unique shoulder design that helps to
improve handling and stability on paved roads. The sidewall is reinforced with a thick rubber compound that helps to protect the tyre from punctures and cuts.This is especially important for drivers who frequently drive on rough terrain. The tyre also features a serrated shoulder design that helps to improve traction on snow and ice. This feature is particularly useful for drivers who live in areas with harsh winter weather
Is also designed to provide a comtortable ride. Thetyre'sadvancedconstructionhelpstoreduce road noise and vibrations which makes it a great choice tor drivers who spend a lot of time on the highway.

  Speed rate:T/S
  Section width:215-285

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Specifications Subdivision of Terrain Cruiser AT02

Size Load Index
& Speed Rate
/XL Labeling UPC Type UTQG
Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Noice Db Noice Grade
215/70R16 RWL 100T   / / / /   AT
225/65R17 RWL 102T   / / / /   AT
245/70R16 RWL 111T   / / / /   AT
265/60R18 RWL 110T   / / / /   AT
265/65R17 RWL 112T   / / / /   AT
265/70R16 RWL 112T   / / / /   AT
265/70R17 RWL 115T   / / / /   AT
31x10.50R15LT RWL 109S   / / / /   AT
LT235/75R15 RWL 104/101S   / / / /   AT
LT245/65R17 RWL 117/114S   / / / /   AT
LT245/75R16 RWL 120/116S XL / / / /   AT
LT265/75R16 RWL 123/120S   / / / /   AT
LT285/75R16 RWL 126/123S   / / / /   AT


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